Here are some frequently asked questions about the different NuBras available.  If you have any other queries or would like some advice over the telephone or via e-mail please do not hesitate to contact us:-

1: What is a NuBra?
A: Nubra features two soft silicone gel (Original NuBra) or light polyester/foam bra cups (all other Feather-Lite style NuBras) with an adhesive backing on each cup and a front closure for cleavage control. Placing the cups either slightly further apart or angled more vertically will give you a different degrees of cleavage. It also eliminates the 'back flab' which is often created by a regular bra, thus giving you a much more svelte silhouette and much more confidence in your clothes.

2: Why are NuBra cups better than other adhesive bras?
A: Nubra is a brand name and was invented by Bragel Int'l Inc. whose story you can see under 'about Bragel'.  NuBras are made with the highest quality adhesive and are MADE IN THE USA.  This is how you can tell an authentic NuBra apart from a cheap imitation made in China which (and we have had many reports of this!!) may fall off or not last anywhere near as long as your NuBra.  At the end of the day the saying 'You get what you pay for'

3: Is NuBra comfortable to wear?
A: Our testimonials and loyal customers answer this question best.  From personal experience we can say that your Nubra will instantly facilitate a much more versatile wardrobe and offer the freedom and comfort with the elimination unsightly and binding bra straps. Because Nubra adheres to your body, it almost becomes a part of you and after a while you hardly notice it's there.

4: How do I put the bra cups on?
A: Simply position, press on and go. Please see detailed application instructions. Experimenting with placement will allow for more or less cleavage. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Pull your breasts into the position you want them to be, THEN press the cups onto the breasts and clasp the center clips.

5: Is NuBra adhesive skin friendly?
A: The special adhesive has been laboratory tested.  However, we all have different levels of skin sensitivity so if you do experience any irritation then it may be wise to only wear your NuBra for special occasions. NuBras are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WITH SENSITIVE SKIN.

6: Will it hurt when I remove the NuBra?
A: The correct way to remove your NuBra is to peel gradually from the top.  Again, we all have different levels of sensitivity and so some might find it slightly more uncomfortable than others.  But in our opinion it's worth a little discomfort if you look great!!! 

7: Is NuBra easy to clean and maintain?
A: Yes, simply turn your NuBra cups inside out one by one and wash your NuBra with mild, plain, liquid soap (moisturiser/oil free) and warm water under a slow running tap.  Many customers treat themselves to a NuBra Cleanser which is specially designed to prolong the life of  your NuBra self adhesive bra and does not contain moisturisers and oils which will damage the adhesive so it loses its stick.  After washing, place your NuBra over the back of a chair or a coat hanger to dry.  Once dry, always put your NuBra cups back into the original tray and cover it with the lid to keep dust away.  Please refer to our cleaning instructions which are also on and inside your NuBra box.

8: How is NuBra washable and reusable?
A: The state-of-the-art adhesive is not water soluble and so can be washed after every wear and will then regenerate for you to re-use. The NuBra cups become sticky again once dry.

9: Does NuBra really stay on? What happens if I perspire?
A: If all instructions are followed carefully your NuBra should stay on securely even if you perspire.  Please make sure that you wash and dry your skin thoroughly before application and never use powders, body creams, oils on breasts prior to use.  Be sure to use a plain liquid soap with no moisturisers and oils when you wash your NuBra as this will damage the adhesive.

10: How long will my Original NuBra or Nubra Feather-Lite adhesive last?
A: As with most things, the life of your NuBra adhesive will depend on how well you follow the cleaning instructions and care for your NuBra.  However, everyone's  skin is different and some people may find they get more uses than others.

11: What size should I order?
A:  Bragel advise that you order your regular bra cup size - that is your bra cup without any padding.  However, if you are between sizes and/or are a very narrow around the back (ie size 6-10) and want to achieve more cleavage you might want to purchase a smaller size, especially if you are purchasing a Super Padded NuBra which has a larger cup size with the aim to enhance the size of your breasts.  If you are wider around the back (14+) and prefer slightly more coverage and are not looking to achieve the 'cleavage' look, then perhaps the next size up would be best or alternatively an extender clip will give some extra width.

The NuBra is not designed to cover your entire breast like a normal bra.  Wear it about an inch above your rib cage so that you can't feel it below your breasts. Most importantly, ALL OF THE ADHESIVE MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR SKIN

Sizes D/E of course may not achieve the support they are used to with a conventional bra.  However, we have many fuller figured customers who still love their NuBra for the freedom it allows them in many of their dresses and tops.  Brides in particular often face the dilemma of what to wear underneath their beautiful satin, backless or strapless gowns and do not feel comfortable going bra-less, so their NuBra instantly solves this problem and allows for much more freedom of choice at the bridal store.

12: What are the available sizes for NuBra adhesive, stick on cups?
A:  The Original NuBra made entirely of silicone comes in three sizes: A, B and C cup.
B:  The NuBra Feather-Lite comes in sizes AA (perfect for petite A cups) to D cups.
C:  The Super Padded NuBra comes in AA (for flat chested ladies), A & B cups
D:  The Seamless range come in sizes A - E
E:  The Seamless U comes in size XS, Small & Large - please see the product page for more details.

13: What are the available colours for NuBra?
A: Nude, Black, Tan and colourful Aphrodites are available on special order.  Please see each product page for colour options.

14: Why can’t I return a NuBra?
A: Once a NuBra has been opened (each cradle has a silver seal), touched or tried on it instantly becomes a 'used item' and therefore cannot be returned so please do choose carefully.  The sticky adhesive means that it is almost impossible to inspect the product without getting fingerprints, microscopic skin tissue and other matter on it.