NuBra Super Padded

NuBra Super Padded
NuBra Super Padded
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nubra's super padded (feather lite) adhesive bra...


Why choose a Super Padded NuBra?

The Super-Padded NuBra was designed specifically for smaller breasted women who wanted to acheive a fuller look with a Feather-Light style NuBra.

Like the Original NuBra, this adhesive bra increases the overall look of your bust size by around 1 cup, but it is much lighter as it is part silicone, part foam padding and so therefore more rigid.

The thick padding in the Super-Padded NuBra means that it is more rigid than the other NuBras. 

The AA offers a much flatter, less concave adhesive side, which caters for size AA/almost flat chested ladies.

Essentially the Super-Padded NuBra gives the ultimate in both cleavage enhancement and padding.

The NuBra patented front closure allows the option to INCREASE CLEAVAGE to your personal preference.

3 Sizes : AA, A & B
3 Colours : Nude, Black, Tan (please make a special order for tan)

Please note that each Super Padded cup size is based on the next Feather Lite mould size up - ie, a Super AA is a Feather Lite A cup mould, an A Super is a B mould and a B Super is a C cup mould - each with thicker padding. 

The Feather Lite nude AA is recommended for petite (size 6-10) A cups.  It is the same mould size as the Super Padded AA (Feather Lite size A mould) but has room inside for an A cup breast, whereas the Super Padded AA is designed for flat chested ladies and will not bend around an A cup breastTherefore, if you are a size 6-10A, the Feather Lite AA may be a better option, since the Super Padded AA is for flat chested ladies and will not bend around an A cup breast.

Please also note that the Super Padded size A (being a B cup mould size) may be too big for a petite/average size A cup - particularly in overall width - if cleavage is desired. The same applies to the B cup Super - based on a C cup Feather Lite mould.

Material Composition:-
30% Polyester
30% PU foam
40% Silicone gel

Like all Nubras, this is a backless and strapless adhesive bra.

Some useful information we are often asked:-

  • All styles of NuBra can create cleavage.  This is achieved by placing the cups slightly further apart, then pulling together and fastening the clip.
  • Maximum lift may be achieved by angling the clips downwards/towards the opposite foot.  However, 'lift' is all dependent upon the individual breasts.
  • The illusion of more 'lift' may be achieved by placing the bottom edge of the NuBra cups slightly higher.  We suggest just below the nipple.
  • The most important thing with a NuBra is that ALL OF THE ADHESIVE IS IN CONTACT WITH SKIN.  Also, very slightly too small is better than too big, since you do not want a bubble of air in the middle, nor for your NuBra to be hanging off around the edges.
  • Be sure that your skin is free of moisturiser before applying your NuBra and that if you use liquid soap as opposed to the NuBra Cleanser to clean it, that this is also free of moisturiser.
  • As each NuBra gets smaller, there is more padding.  So a AA/A/B Feather Lite/Seamless/Wire NuBra still has some padding, just not as much as a Super Padded/Original/Silicone Push Up2.

See the frequently asked questions page for other popular NuBra questions.

If in doubt over which size to choose, please call or e-mail us or add a note in the comments box at checkout and somebody will follow up prior to dispatching your NuBra.

Naturally, due to hygiene reasons, once tried on or opened, a NuBra cannot be exchanged or refunded, so please choose carefully.


Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us if you have any further questions.  We are always happy to help!


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