Why NuBra?

First of all let's just clear up any confusion with regards which 'NuBra' brand is best because I just noticed this question again on a fashion forum.  THERE IS ONLY ONE NUBRA BRAND.

NuBra is the brand name of the original adhesive bra invented by Bragel International Inc.  First came their Original Silicone NuBra and then the Feather-Lite range you also see on our website. 

You know it's a NuBra because it is MADE IN THE USA.  Beware of other cheap immitations (these will be made in China) which use the brand name 'NuBra' or 'Nu Bra' to attract you to their websites or e-bay stores.  We have heard many stories of other adhesive bra immitations falling off half way through an evening blush!!!  Some people have even told us that they have tried a 'NuBra' but it didn't work.   The NuBra brand name is now so famous around the world that it is used as the generic for sticky or adhesive bra.  Unfortunately these bad experiences can undermine the reputation of this fantastic invention.  BUT just take a look at our testimonials - all from real NuBra customers -  and you will see that they LOVE their NuBras.   If in doubt ask the question - is it made in the USA?

NuBra is the secret of many high fashion models, Hollywood and International movie stars, Brides, girls going to formals and millions of women all over the world.  These womesn have discovered this high fashion bra secret and know that the authentic NuBra invented by Bragel Int'l Inc. is the best in the world.  This is why they do not compromise on quality and do not fall for cheaper immitations which pass themselves off as 'NuBras'.

NuBra is the original strapless and self-supportive bra which has a specially formulated PSA adhesive, it has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. 

NuBra has helped fashion conscious woman around the world look fabulous in their dresses, gowns and everyday clothing.
NuBra is fun, comfortable and appealing to woman of all ages.  It gives a great silhouette, whether you are looking for a slight boost, a full increase in cupsize, more cleavage or just the choice not to have to wear a regular bra with uncomfortable and unsightly straps.
NuBra is a backless bra, a strapless bra, a push up bra and a seamless bra all in one brilliant stick on bra package.
Enjoy your NuBra!