Image caption: Comfortably get the look of Beyonce, Eva
Green and Sienna Miller by wearing the NuBra (bottom left)
beneath a Carmen Marc Valvo taffeta frock (bottom right).

Catch That Red Carpet Trend: Backless Dresses
Expose your flipside without feeling self-conscious
By MONICA CORCORAN, Style Editor, Daily Variety

Apparently, baby got backless. At the Berlin Film Festival, Eva Green and Sienna Miller sailed down the red carpet baring their naked spines. Ditto for Beyonce at the Grammys. I am assuming that these babes also have advanced support systems, as backless means braless. Or does it? Read on to learn how to expose your flipside without feeling self-conscious.

First and foremost, you need a great backless bra. There are bras that feature straps which criss-cross lower down the spine, but the straps invariably sneak upwards and peek out. And considering that the latest styles of gowns, dresses and halters dip low, a dropped strap bra won’t do. I don’t care for bras with transparent straps either. A glimpse of a plastic strap is tackier than a Bar Mitzvah in Queens.  Instead try the NuBra, from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

This contraption is, in essence, two self-adhesive cups that support breasts. You can also create cleavage with the front closure. Full frontal disclosure: I was squeamish when I first applied these cups. They are cold and have the texture of week-old Jell-O. But you will get used to them and they do work. (Pulling them off is more emotionally traumatic than physically painful.)


Intern Ava on her favorite bra.

It is my sincere belief that not enough people understand the wonders of the NuBra. We often hear about the merits of padded, strapless bras or of "chicken cutlets." Ladies, let me tell you, the NuBra is far, far better.

Strapless bras almost inevitably fall down. Those that don't slide off are, by extension, so tight that they indent one's back. Clear straps aren't fooling anyone. The NuBra is comfortable, practical, and perfect for the small-busted girl who hates the discomfort of wearing a bra.

Available in nude, black and a variety of other colors, the NuBra is two individual, self-adhesive, silicone bra cups. If one wants to increase cleavage, one can hook the cups together across the breastbone.
  The NuBra is painless, and lasts through more than 100 uses.

This B-cup-on-a-good-day girl suggests the NuBra for a natural look and feel, invisibility, practicality, and comfort.

Will you try it?


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If you have not yet heard of the NuBra, get to know your new best friend. These adhesive silicone cups give you the freedom to do whatever you dare as well as make you appear as though you are going bra-less. I call them "chicken cutlets" because they feel surprisingly like real breasts, but also kinda like raw meat! How's that for a description?

They are incredible and the most popular gift I give to my friends. They are painless to remove (unlike the band aid-like pasty fangle florals, $8 for three pairs which hurt and burn when you pull them off).

NuBras are thick enough to give you support and to keep your nipples from showing through a t-shirt, but thin enough so they create a smooth and invisible illusion. A clear clip attaches the two cups and allows you to create the amount of cleavage you desire. They last for up to 150 wears.