Heard and read alot about Nubra and thought I give it a try. High quality product and works brilliantly with my backless evening dress. I am glad NuBra has an offical Australian website and they have been very professional and responsive with my many queries. Thank you Nubra Australia! - Maria, NSW

Thank you for such speedy delivery! I heard about nubra a few years ago in an article in harpers bazaar about Kate Hudson and she swears by them and so have I since then! Just restocking! - Kara, VIC

Will definitely order more in the future.  Thanks for your excellent service. - Jeni, NSW

Just dropped by to inform you that I have received my NuBra last Friday and love it to the max!  Thanks for the great service and I will definitely come back to purchase again!  - Sui, QLD

For anyone who hates straps or likes wearing no bra at all but needs the support, these are excellent - my favorite invention of all time.  I hate the way bras cut into your flesh and are uncomfortable, and the regular ones do not allow you the freedom of wearing low cut or strapless fashion. Anyone with shoulder or back injuries would adore them too, and as a added bonus Naomi is Lovely. I am so glad I bought these (seamless U Bra) Love it, do yourself a favour :) - Alyssa, SA

I already have one... and LOVE it.  Not sure which one I have hence ordered one of each!  - Jackie, NSW

Thanks for sending off my NuBra so quickly.  I look forward to receiving it and being able to wear it straight away.  I've been wearing NuBra for the last 2 years and it was time to buy a new one but I couldn't find it in the bra shop I originally bought them from in Westfields in Sydney. So I looked you up on the internet and found your online store so will be buying from you here from now on. I think originally the girls working in the bra shop suggested it to me as I hated bras and it was a more comfortable option to a strapless. I still hate bras but would gladly wear a NuBra any day of the week now.  It is such a great product and one of my staples. - Sarra, NSW

Thanks, Naomi.  So nice to hear from a human, and after hours, too!  I'm delighted to learn I will have them so quickly.  I already have one NuBra but I dug it out today to go with a difficult dress and realised I am a bigger cup size now.  I was impressed to realise it was as sticky as ever, even after what must have been a few years in my drawer, so I didn't hesitate to look you up again.  Interestingly today I first found the American website so I checked to see if there was an Australian version and then felt so much better and safer about ordering.  Yours looks far more professional.  Cheers,  Amanda, TAS

Naomi they were fantastic!!  Unfortunately they kicked us off the dance floor at 12 but I could tell that they were fine for the night.  The clipping together (+/- the cust of my dress) also seemed to have adequate support.  I wish I had had them in my twenties!  Great product - I have been telling all my friends the same! - Claire, Sydney

I tried a NuBra under a wedding dress and was really impressed.  I couldn't find a retailer in Brisbane so I bought online.  Thanks! - Lisa, QLD

Received with thanks.  All good.  I refer you to lots of my friends! - Xana, WA

Thank you so much for all your assistance.  The customer service has been fantastic. - Monica, WA

I found out about NuBra after buying a top with a sheer back.  Uncomfortable about not wearing a bra with such a loose top and having a small bust size I started browsing the internet for options.  NuBra was exactly what I was picturing and for the right price.  Also, it doesn't confine me to wearing tight clothing to keep the bra attached like others say about their stick on bras.  Very excited about my new found underwear.  Thank you for making it so easy.  - Annita, QLD

My girlfriend raves about her Nubra and I am sure it will be the same experience for me!  Kind regards, Mary-Jane, NSW

Hello!  Nubra is well known, I heard about nubra a few years ago from magazine.  But I didn't know you have a website in Australia.  I googled and found your website.  It's so amazing and convenient that we can order nubra online now! - Bernice, WA

Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for your service.  I contacted another company/brand as a backup, but they wouldn't even send express!  - Andrea, Brisbane

I think it's a great present for one of my friends!  Thanks again for all your help.  Warm regards, Helene, QLD

Thank you for the fantastic service!!  The bras arrived yesterday in good order.  Don't be suprised if you see another order from us soon. Best regards, Sean, QLD

I googled strapless bra and then hunted until I found one that looked like it was going to work for the dress I am wearing to a wedding.  Your website is very good - lots of details that are clear and understandable - one of the best bra sites I looked at yesterday - so the choice was easy!
Toni, VIC

I have already worn it a couple of times and absolutely love it!  I'll let you know how the wedding goes :) - Sarah, QLD

I just wanted to let you know that the NuBra worked wonderfully for my daughter on her wedding day.  The lingerie experts told me a low cut dress for a DD cup was impossible, but you came to the rescue!  Thank you for your caring attitude and great customer service.  The NuBra turned up just in the nick of time.  With much appreciation, Andrea, Brisbane

Hi, thanks for the complimentary express post (great service).  Just received it... I love it!  Will Definitely recommend NuBra to friends! - Jeanette, Brisbane QLD

My NuBra arrived yesterday & I am absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you!!  This is my first time trying the product.  I now officially LOVE NuBra!!!  I've got a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses that I never really wore because of bra straps (I'm a C-D cup) & I'd never dream of going without a bra.  Now I've been trying on all my dresses & making my boyfriend promise to take me out so I can wear them!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Josie, Dimboola, Victoria 

I purchased a nubra about 2 years ago and believe it or not they have only just stopped sticking!   I've searched everywhere and no-one seems to stock them anymore.  So I crossed my fingers and did a search on google last night.  They have been the best investment! - Amanda, South Brisbane, Queensland 

I read an article on Kate Hudson and she said that her NuBra was fantastic for backless dresses and its was exactly what i needed. The article was in the November issue of Australia Harpers Bazaar. - Nicole, Montmorency, Victoria

'I received it yesterday in the mail, it was excellent thanks!  I found your site via Google; was looking for NuBra stockists in Australia and your site came up. Looking forward to the arrival of new products in the near future.  I think I first heard about NuBra when searching for strapless bra options. And several web forums that came up in the Google search engine that recommended NuBra (presumably the reader base were Americans). So that was how it led to the search for an Australian stockist :)  I don't think my friends have heard of it, but they will definitely hear about it now! - Kim, Canberra

I had some 20+ halter-type or backless, strapless tops and dresses that I rarely wore. Since discovering NuBra Feather-Lite it has opened up so many different styles of tops and dresses that I can wear. Being someone of ample chest (D cup) I always had to wear a regular bra, so wearing halter neck or strapless designs was never really an option as a regular strapless bra always tended to slip down. NuBra Feather-Lite solved that problem in one. As far as I am concerned every female should own at least one of the fabulous NuBra range as a wardrobe accessory. - Laura, Sydney, NSW

I have just bought a NuBra Feather-Lite and I’m so excited at the prospect of a whole new wardrobe for this summer. I always avoided little thin-strapped or halter neck tops and dresses because I didn’t have a good backless, strapless bra, but now I can buy whatever I like because I have the right solution! Even after having a baby I can wear it and it makes any top look fabulous! The NuBra Feather-Lite is the answer to my wardrobe problem. I can’t wait to hit the shops! - Helen, Sydney, NSW

I LOVE THIS BRA so much that I’ve bought 3!! – 2 NuBra Feather-Lites and a Super Padded for when I want to add a bit extra to my A cups! I wear them with everything! I’m getting some for my friends’ birthdays and as Christmas gifts – what more could a girl want!  What I love most is that you don’t get all that pinched skin around your back – just a nice smooth silhouette – and it’s so comfy. I don’t know what I’d do without it now!  Chrissie, Sydney, NSW

I recently wore my NuBra Feather-Lite for my wedding - obviously I needed a good backless, strapless bra.  It gave me great cleavage and support and I felt confident in it all day. NuBra is one of the best secrets I’ve discovered by far!!!  You have to get one! - Leah, Sydney, NSW

NuBra is such a fab’ bra.  Last night I was experimenting with it with all my different tops and I discovered that if you angle the sides up more instead of straight across the chest, not only does it create cleavage but it gives you more of a lift. I can’t wait to wear it out clubbing with my new strapless top this weekend! - Alex, Sydney, NSW

Trust me girls, this is the best invention ever!  If you have any kind of top or dress that you can’t wear a bra with you can be sure you can wear a NuBra with it! They are easy to clean and last for ages! A must have summer accessory!! - Phoebe, Sydney, NSW